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Model Stationary Steam Engine - Allan Dake's Collection

Allan Dake has assembled a large collection of miniature steam engines which can be viewed on his user friendly website. Allan has steam in his family, his Great Grandfather's brother having invented a rather unusual, but quite successful square piston steam engine in the late 19th century (pictured left). Allan's site is well worth the visit:

 The Steam Gallery

Steve, the owner of this collection has made a point of only collecting engines which are somewhat out of the ordinary. My favourite is the curved piston engine. I've no idea how it was made. If anyone does know, send me an email!

 IndianaRog and the Temple of Steam

Roger's informative website is not only a great place for admirers of the old world charm of steam power, but it is also somewhat a historical archive of collectible engines. Well worth a look!

 Toy Steam Bible

A unique site formed by the collaboration of many collectors. Many, many makes and models have been documented here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Sandmans Steam Shack

Sandy Hunter has a nice collection of toy steam engines on display on his site. Just use the links at the top of his site to navigate.

Swift Fox Steam Co

Philip is an excellent photographer and is very active in the world of toy steam, a combination which makes for a great website. Enjoy!

Model Steam engines / Model Dampmaskiner

A beautifully simple website containing many excellent photographs of various engines. This collection is not restricted to steam engines, and some of the models are quite unusual.


Model Engineers

 Model Engines - John R. Bentley

Some of the most exquisite model engines I've ever seen. Mr Bentley has a fascinating technique for fabricating parts which would normally be cast and his engines...well, prepare to have your mind blown!

 Find's Mini Model Hot Bulb Engines

Find Hansen, a Dane, hand crafts these magnificent hot bulb engines from stock. The detail he puts into them is phenomenal. He has even supplied his little engines with a scale oiling can! Find is a master and you won't be disappointed.


Online Forums

Home Model Engine Machinist (HMEM)

This forum is the best forum on the Internet for those who are into or want to get into building model engines. Thousands of members contribute daily to a resource which is already phenomenally rich.

The Unofficial Mamod & Other Steam Forum

An excellent forum for toy steam collectors. A lively group of members have made this forum a great place to discuss your latest acquisition, trade engines or simply browse the thousands of pictures and videos.

The Freesteam Forum

I am quite new to this forum, but have been warmly welcomed and look forward to participating in its growing membership.


Engines for Sale

 Steam Engines For Sale

If you're looking for, or want to sell a really high quality traction engine or model locomotive, this is the place to go. Page after page packed with examples of fine craftsmanship. Tempting for some, window shopping for me!


An Australian business offering a really nice stirling engine and a number of accessories. Hope to see more from them soon!

Suppliers of Materials and Equipment

(Brisbane & Toowoomba areas)

 George Weston & Sons - Brass Bronze and Copper Supplier

These guys are great! If you just want a few pieces of brass to put together one engine, visit the scrap section and pick out whatever you want for only $20/kg. Or order ahead in bulk for the best prices.

 H.E. Supplies Pty Ltd

Specialising in ball bearings, H.E. Supplies also has a great range of those hard to find parts. A word of caution, remain focused when you enter this shop, else your wallet may suffer.

 Paddington Hardware

A great venue for general hardware needs. Perhaps not as cheap as some larger stores, but there pleasant staff are willing to give very useful advice when needed. They also have a great range of hard to find fasteners.

Metals R Us

If I need steel, this is where I go. They are only too happy to serve the 'little guy', a rare trait amongst suppliers. in addition they have a great range of products low prices. I usually leave feeling as if I've robed them!


Blackwood's is a giant engineering supplier. I send my business their way  when I need something obscure. If they don't have it in stock, they can get it quick. 

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